Lonely Quotes - When Are They Useful?

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Lonely quotes - I looked for them a lot. There were many but hardly any that I liked. Most of the quotes were about the terrible nature of loneliness and the distress it caused.

There were practically none which highlighted a method to overcome loneliness. I had no choice but come up with my own quotes. As time goes on, I will be adding more quotes.

I have listed the quotes in reverse order so you can open the page and find the latest quote at the very top of this page. The owner of the copyright is Ramesh Mansukhani, with all rights reserved, starting March 12th, 2013. You can re-use a Lonely Quote as long as you use it unchanged and credit Ramesh Mansukhani, the author.

21. Humor is a great antidote to loneliness.

20. Embrace rejection, it is the dirt around the gold of success.
19. To overcome loneliness unconsciously, volunteer for off-line activities.
18. Lead a thirsty horse to the water and it will drink the water. Lead a lonely person to companionship and the lonely person will complain.
17. A lonely valentine is a miserable one created by one's own imagination.
16. Loneliness and depression are cousins.


15. Being afraid of loneliness is one way to mess up your life.
14. One cannot beat, cope with, fight or deal with loneliness. One has to overcome loneliness.
13. Joining support groups and repeatedly posting that you are lonely is a sure way to remain lonely.
12. Fear of online dating keeps many single people single and lonely.
11. Stubbornness is a big contributor to loneliness. Too stubborn to use the internet, too stubborn to make a phone call, too stubborn to use the internet to be a penpal, too stubborn to take any action!

10. Overcoming loneliness is not a matter of minutes but it need not take many weeks either.
9. Not liking yourself is a big roadblock to overcoming loneliness.
8. Reading about why loneliness is very bad for you doesn't tell you much about overcoming it.
7. Hurrying while you are searching for a solution to your loneliness is the worst thing you can do. You could be looking at solutions and hurrying past them.
6. Loneliness can cause a kind of a paralysis which causes you to stay at home instead of going out.

5. Resisting the change that is occurring in this world can contribute to your loneliness.
4. If you are lonely, your decision making process about social matters is negatively impacted.
3. Laziness does not contribute to loneliness. Not true!
2. Your loneliness is permanent. Only if you say so!
1. You can't win over loneliness. Maybe, but you can overcome it!

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