Lonely People Laughing Is Unreal!

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For lonely people laughing is a way to counter the bad physical effects of loneliness.


The physical effects of loneliness on the human body have been well documented. It is very easy to test the countering effects of laughing – just watch this video. It is very funny. You are very likely to feel the positive effects in your body immediately after you have stopped laughing.

Dogs do a lot to help people overcome loneliness. When a dog is as much of a joy as nathan, he begins to have a positive counter effect on the physical effects of your loneliness. I am going to add more hilarious videos to this page as I find them.

There is something very funny about this video:

The video is about a prank played on dogs with the help of a stuffed toy. No offense intended to dogs or dog owners. The prank works on all the dogs involved except the beagle! Worth watching.

And when you play pranks on dogs ...

... it can turn against you real quick!

Very happy Nathan has lonely people laughing

This video is about nathan, a chinese hairless crested dog. If you want a hairless crested dog go to baldisbeautifuldogrescue.org to check out some puppies they have. The puppies are lonely for you.

Four Countries Of People

When lonely people make an effort to socialize, as they ought to, they get their feelings hurt because it is not easy to understand the different personalities of people. Mark solves the problem in a very humorous way in this video. In his own funny way he teaches about the four different kinds of personalities.

Opera singer Marilyn Mulvey and the late Victor Borje combine music and comedy to bring us this hilarious video. Victor Borje was the concert pianist who brought joy to so many with his particular brand of comedy.

This video is very likely to give you a lift when you watch it.

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