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Lonely people, discover the most practical ways to leave your lonely island behind! Lonely people can be classified into several different categories. While there are many different causes of loneliness, the people themselves can be classified into groups.

  • Are you a 'lonely island'?
  • Are you a lonely man who just broke up with his mate?
  • Are you married but lonely?
  • Are you 'Mr. Lonely' working the night shift?
  • Are you the owner of a lonely heart?
  • Are you having a lonely day? 

There are young people who are socially awkward, people whose relationships have broken, people who work the night shift or work too many hours, empty nesters, seniors who need new friends and several others.

There are of course the broad categories such as lonely man, lonely woman, lonely girl, people lonely in marriages, lonely husbands, lonely rich women and others.

Even though there are different types of lonely people...

...the ways they can become un-lonely can be summarized into a few methods described on the page dealing with loneliness.

Other methods are listed below:

1. Find someone to call.


2. Email someone.

3. Write letters.

4. Do some self-improvement.

5. Chat online.

6. Find a friend.

7. Create a website.

8. Try online singles dating if you are single.

9. Join a support group.

10. Join online forums.

11. Join a senior center if you are over the age of 55.

12. Get help.

You will find additional information about these steps by...

...clicking on the buttons on the left hand side of this page. The path out of loneliness is also a lonely road. You can take these steps in any order, just make sure you take as many steps each day as possible.

Understanding loneliness:

It is quite logical to want to understand the problem that is causing you so much trouble. Therefore it is quite natural for you to want to understand loneliness. The best resource I can recommend is the book, "loneliness Human Nature and the Need for Social Connection" by John T. Cacioppo & William Patrick.

If you were to ask the question which social neuroscientist has made a thorough study of loneliness in recent years, the answer would Dr. John T. Cacioppo. I have a copy of the book and if you wanted to understand loneliness, this is the book for you. All the information in that book is based on the research that Dr. John T. Cacioppo and others have done over the past twenty years.

I do not know you and so...

...while I can come up with, research and explore a large number of possible solutions and present them all together on this website, I do not know whether you will implement the solutions.

Loneliness is a solvable problem for most people...

...including lonely old people. It is hard to believe that, particularly when one is in the throes of loneliness, but it is, in a very large majority of the cases, a solvable problem. Only the lonely doubt that their loneliness can be overcome.

Some of the solutions may be completely impractical for you. You may not agree that a particular solution will work but it is the goal of this website to present many solutions. All you need is a few solutions to work for you.

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