Lonely Mother's Day - How Common Is It Where You Live?

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Lonely Mother's Day is far more common among empty nesters than anyone would like to admit. Mothers quite often make lots of allowances, even making excuses on behalf of their children, and just suffer through the loneliness on Mother's Day.

Some mothers also blame themselves when...


...their children don't celebrate Mother's Day with them. They simply take pride in the successful lives of their children and deal with being lonely on that day.

Mother's Day is quite wonderful and a lot of fun when the children are young.

However, it is the natural course of life for children to grow up, find their identities, and start living their own lives. This should not preclude being thoughtful and loving toward their mothers. Often adult children get busy with their own families and unintentionally forget to make it a special day for their own mothers.

Mother's Day is full of meaning for single mothers whose...

...children have grown up and moved out. The fact that the children are now grown signifies the end of two decades of hard work. This is the time the mother should start receiving the rewards of having raised her children to be successful adults.

What's a single mother to do when she finds herself lonely and without her children's company on Mother's Day? Enjoy her freedom and enjoy life.

Mother's Day is painful for those women who...

...cannot bear children and those who have lost custody of their children for any reason. Finding children who would benefit from the attention of a mother has a good chance of relieving that pain.

Lonely Mother's Day has a very sorrowful meaning for mothers...

...who have lost a child or children. It is well known to be the most intense emotional pain a human being can suffer. And Mother's Day brings an annual reminder of the pain.

Enduring the pain and meditation seem to be two of the few alternative's available. Searching out articles about grief counseling and coping with terrible loss would help as well.

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