Lonely Monday - Could It Be Useful To You?

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Lonely Mondays come in fourth as far as lonely days of the week are concerned. Have you ever taken a Monday off just to feel sorry for yourself? You are lonely, your efforts to overcome your loneliness over the past weekend ended in failure and you just need time to lick your wounds.

You just cannot face going to work and acting as if everything is normal in your life. So you call in sick. It is very worthwhile for a lonely person to take such Mondays off, because the combination of loneliness and the hurt from the failed efforts feels terrible. I know the working world hates it when you take days off like that, but the working world doesn't give a damn about your loneliness.

Taking a Monday off just to lick your wounds...

...would be considered a coping mechanism. All you are doing is coping with the hurt that loneliness has brought into your life. Monday mornings can feel awful because you know that if you get up and get going you are not going to get a chance to think about yourself.

Each day runs into another until the whole week feel like one long painful day. Then at the end of the Friday workday you start your efforts to end your loneliness. So Monday morning can feel like decision time: are you going to pay attention to yourself or not?

Once you have decided to stay home...

...or to do your thing, the day has the potential to be useful to you.  It could be useful in healing you. It could be useful in understanding your situation. It could be useful in planning your escape from loneliness.

On a Monday like this it would be O.K. to be lazy. I know what they say about physical activity releasing endorphins in your brain and making you feel better.  But you can plan for some physical activity after work during the rest of the week.

If you are the type of person who relaxes while engaged in physical activity, do whatever it takes to allow your mind to ruminate and heal yourself.


Use this Monday to sit and think or move and think and indulge in your loneliness. You are lonely and you might as well spend some time examining it. If you want to listen to music that causes you to wallow in your loneliness go ahead and do it. If it makes you weepy, so much the better. It will provide physical relief for your body that is stressed by your loneliness.

         Lonely Monday

For lonely people

Lonely Monday

Is not a fun day.

It makes us feel  feeble

Suffering from the effects terrible

Of a weekend

Spent with almost no end.

Lonely Monday

It's not my kind of day

I have to find the right way

To have my love send love my way.

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