Lonely Lady, Want To Overcome Your Loneliness?

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A lonely lady has refinement, politeness and social status and a lonely woman is a lonely woman. The difference between a her and a lonely woman is that the lady is able to shield herself from the coarse realities of life by using her social connections. The lonely woman is likely to lower her standards to find a mate.

Another difference is that lonely ladies usually decide to remain single rather than lower their standards and usually regret doing so. This page is about overcoming the loneliness and avoiding the regrets.

Should a lonely lady lower her standards...

... in order to find a mate? I don't think so.

If she lowers her standards she could be headed toward trouble. While the mate will take care of her need for intimacy, almost every other aspect of life will be  unsatisfactory for her.

It will be like flying from one cage into another.

A lady is a woman first and...

... a lady second. The concept of a lady is simply a social construct. If she lets a relationship pass her by because of the restrictions of being a lady she will have made a big mistake.

Also, she can find a mate without lowering her standards. She can find a mate by RAISING the standards which her mate has to meet. To find out how to do that go to the Boyfriend page.

Another resource is...

... this article from Psychology Today. Even though the article is about dating after divorce, it details the importance of living according to one's own high standards.

It also lays out the five steps to find an intimate relationship. The five steps guide you through getting started, assessing yourself, planning your activities, curbing unhealthy cravings and avoiding pitfalls.


Refusing to lower one's standards is very different from waiting for the perfect mate.

Waiting for the perfect mate could case a woman to wait until it is too late. Searching for a mate that meets one's standards is also different from waiting for a the perfect mate.

You can find a mate that meets your high standards but is not perfect and doesn't generate 'sparks' within you.

So the simple solution to a lady's problem is to find a mate by RAISING her standards instead of lowering them.

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