A Lonely Island Is Not How You Want To Be.

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A lonely island is not a symbol of strength any more. Such islands are likely to sink under the rising oceans and disappear. People who were “self-sufficient” used to be known as solitary islands. However, that is a misunderstanding.

There is no glory in being such an...

...island because being that way is completely contrary to human nature. There are many men and women whose only friend is the spouse. If they have the misfortune of becoming widows or widowers, they find it almost impossible to avoid loneliness.


So, it is a good idea to keep up your skill of making new friends at every available opportunity. Doing so will not mean that you have too many friends. It means that you will have friends when you need friendly support. Also you can provide support to friends and live a fulfilling life.

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A desolate island...

...weathers storms all by itself. It also “weathers” a storm that leaves it underwater.

The apparent advantage to some people, of being a strong and silent island, is that they think they get 'respect' from their spouses. What they are getting is not respect but communication through a twisted, kinked communication channel. Strong and silent singles have problems initiating or continuing a relationship.

Another advantage of being a strong and silent island is that the person gets to do everything on his or her timetable. That disadvantage disappears a few years after the strong and silent island becomes lonely.

It takes a simple acknowledgment of the fact that...

...all of us need companionship, love and intimacy. Once you have acknowledged that, it is not very difficult to change your attitude, become open to receiving friends and start taking the practical steps to make new friends.

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