Lonely Hearts Movie Fans! Are You Getting The Message?

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Lonely hearts movies force lonely people to look one fact full in the face: Lonely people are the impaired members of human society.

That is how the rest of human society views lonely people. Human society also contains those humans who dupe the impaired humans. The movies force us to look at that fact by exaggerating the situation.

The opposite of a lonely heart is an un-lonely malevolent.

Lonely Hearts movie

Lonely Hearts is a movie released in 2006 and it is based on the true story of Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Jule Beck. Their story was also the subject of two other movies - The Honeymoon Killers (1970) and Deep Crimson (1996).

These movies may be worth watching because...

...they drive the point home, despite the exaggeration and excessive drama. You can also read the awful true details about the pair of un-lonely malevolent people detailed in this series of web pages about the Lonely Hearts movie. I provide the link so you can read about the damage malevolent persons can do to lonely people.

Lonelyhearts, the movie released in 1958 is...

...based on Nathanael West’s 1933 novel Miss Lonelyhearts and the play by Howard Teichmann. That movie depicted emotional turmoil rather than physical violence.


The movie Advice to the Lovelorn (1933) was also based on the novel Miss Lonelyhearts. These movies examined loneliness in modern society. The TV movie Miss Lonelyhearts (1983) was an adaptation of this film.

Miss Lonelyhearts is also a nickname chosen by the character L.B. Jeff Jeffries in the movie Rear Window.

Most of the references to Lonely Hearts...

...(or Lonelyhearts) are in movies that are about aggression against lonely people.

The number of movies about lonely hearts is not large. That points to the fact that society is not very interested in the problem of loneliness and usually avoids examining the problem. Most humans are so afraid of loneliness that human society shies away from it.

Loneliness can causes human bodies internal damage at an imperceptible speed in real time.

Malevolent people can cause terrible damage at a very perceptible speed in real time.

These facts can be a motivation to...

...take action to overcome loneliness. Overcoming loneliness is not hard to do - it just requires a change of mindset and a lot of social actions.

If this web page motivates even one lonely person to change his/her mindset, start volunteering, start taking a lot of social actions and overcome loneliness, it will have served its purpose.

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