Do Lonely Girls Realize There Are Traps In Loneliness?

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A lonely girl over 18 has to compensate for a lot of things in addition to her loneliness. She has to compensate for societal pressure, disappointment with the type of men she is meeting, the burden of attracting the right kind of man, the biological clock, and some additional concerns.

However, lonely girls are able to ...

... handle loneliness better than lonely young men. That is because girls are usually in touch with other girls even as they are feeling lonely.

The lonely young men have a difficult time handling loneliness because most of the them are not in touch with other human beings, male or female. Lonely girls also cry to deal with the stress of loneliness.

Many girls make the mistake ...

... of getting into or staying in a relationship because they don't want to be alone or lonely. That is quite a serious mistake that could lead to an unhappy and lonely life.

Another serious mistake is not getting out of an abusive relationship after the first three incidents of abuse. That mistake can lead to a life of incredible misery and loneliness for the girl. It also puts the girl at risk for serious injury or death. The girl also needs to be alert enough to decide to leave the relationship and to take steps safely to find her way out.

The job of helping a violent person change is not the job of the girl but of the violent perpetrator.

If a girl initiates a breakup, then ...

... she doesn't want the former lover back. If a girl does not initiate the breakup then she might spend quite some time wanting the previous lover back.

However, some girls consciously avoid getting into a relationship to recover from a bad one. During this time they feel lonely but put up with the loneliness. If this time gets to be too long then there is a risk of the girl experiencing real long term loneliness.

Time is the enemy as far as loneliness is concerned.

A girl tends to blame herself when ...


... she gets lonely. There are many questions about whether she is pretty enough, slim enough, sociable enough, fashionable enough, attractive enough, good enough judge of the character of men, etc.

The self-doubt saps the one important character trait needed - confidence.

Eating disorders, drugs, abuse of prescription medications, alcohol are all terrible traps that a lonely gal has to avoid.

Lonely gals, like ...

... lonely guys, are reluctant to change. First, it is very difficult for girls to see their own faults. If they cannot see their faults, there is no motivation to change anything.

Even after they become aware of their faults, the desire to be loved just as they are is very strong. Resolutions to improve are easily forgotten.

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