Lonely Friday - What To Do About It?

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A lonely Friday is a problem faced by working lonely people. A person works all through the week, waiting for Friday to roll around. There are plans in place for going out on Friday evening and hopefully meeting one's life mate or at least someone for a 'playing the field' relationship.

Only it doesn't always work out that way.

After a few unsuccessful Fridays, the lonely person begins to dread lonely Friday evenings as well. This is mostly the experience of lonely people who go to single's dances and imitate telephone poles. They don't seem to realize that when one wants something in life, quite often, one has to step up and ASK another person for it.

When the lonely person stops going to Friday social events...

...that is when the chronic loneliness begins and it can continue for years.

Friday mornings are fine for most people. It is on Friday evenings and nights that most people feel lonely.

In some towns it is not very practical to go to Friday social events. Even so, the lonely people feel like they should be out socializing. It's just that their circumstances prevent them from even trying.


Watching movies on Friday nights is not much of an option for lonely people because it only makes them feel lonelier.

Even if it hurts to engage in social activities, such activities, outside your residence preferably, are the way out of loneliness. If the social activities in your town are unsafe or unavailable, then volunteer activities are an excellent alternative.

The volunteer activities may or may not happen on Friday evenings but there is an excellent chance that volunteer activities on any day of the week will do away with your loneliness on Friday evenings and perhaps other evenings as well.

If social or volunteer activities are not an option for you...

...right now and you just want to cope with your Friday loneliness, just take a class that runs for ninety minutes or two hours on Friday evenings. The time of the class plus the time you take to get to the class and back will take up most of your Friday evenings.

You can use the rest of the evening to prepare for your weekend social or volunteer activities.

All the other techniques...

...mentioned on the dealing with loneliness page and overcoming loneliness page are also available to you.

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