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The Lonely Birthday Videos idea occurred to me be cause I wanted to do something to help lonely people enjoy their birthdays. The idea is that I am going to locate a birthday greeting video for each day of the year.

I first started with a page containing a video featuring a marching band. At that point I had no idea how I was going to find that many birthday greeting videos. It turned out quite well as you can see at January First Video Marching Band

Then I thought of...

...searching for videos of birthday greetings in countries that fascinated me. I know there are less than 365 countries on earth. However, by the time I have written pages about a hundred countries or more, something else is likely to occur to me. I have started this experiment without knowing the exact steps to completion.

The second page I created...

...was about a birthday greeting from Zimbabwe. The song is in English but the sentiments and the rhythm is from Zimbabwe.


If you find a birthday greeting song on a video that uses a local language of Zimbabwe please leave a link to the video in the Facebook comment at the bottom of the page. That is true for any birthday greeting video you find on such pages at this website. If it is a good video and the copyright allows me to use it, I may add it. Here is the second video of the series: January Second Video Zimbabwe

The third page I created...

...was about a birthday greeting from Zambia. This birthday greeting starts out in English but the latter part of it is in a different language or languages. If you recognize the language or languages please post a comment. Here is the third video of the series: January Third Video Zambia

It gets quite interesting as...

...you listen to the videos in this series. Along with the videos I have provided interesting information about the country from which the greeting originated. I have provided links to three videos here. When you go to the page about the video for January third you will find a link to the page for January 4th. The January 4th page will have a link for the January 5th page and so on to the page for January 25th.

If you want to see a Lonely Birthday Video for a particular date...

...type lonely-people-champion.com/lonelybirthdayvideomonthdatedothtml in your browser address bar, replace the characters dot with a . (period) and hit enter or search for the term in Google. So far I have created pages for January First to January Twenty Fifth.

I cannot provide links for all the videos on this page or the Lonely Birthday page because it becomes a very slow loading page.

I hope these videos give you a thrill on your birthday. If you like games you can go to the Lonely Games page. Happy Birthday!!!

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