Lonely Birthday Video January Twenty First

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Lonely Birthday Video January Twenty First is a video about a song from the Kingdom Of Tonga. You can actually sing along. The Tongan lyrics are provided in the video and it is quit easy to sing along.

The artist does a wonderful job of singing clearly. It is quite a joy to be able to sing along in a Polynesian language. The video represents the generous and friendly nature of the Tongans.

It took me a long to time to find this video while I was searching for a birthday video sung in Tongan. While doing so, I discovered that Tongans are generous people who adore love songs and rugby. Since there were so many Tongan love songs, I started to look for a love song that provided lyrics and I found this one.

If you are desperately lonely, you might enjoy moving to Tonga; for the Tongans are very friendly. In fact, if you wish to be alone, they ask you if something is wrong with you. Now, that's a place for a lonely person!

Tongans are legally required to dress modestly at all times and observe the sabath strictly! The citizens of Tonga have a literacy rate of over 98.9%.

The climate is tropical but it rarely gets over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. There are two seasons, wet and dry. Wet season is from November to April is th dry season is from May to October.

The Kingdom of Tonga is a sovereign state in Polynesia, just east of the International Date line. There are 176 islands in it and the total land area is 290 square miles. Only 52 of the islands are inhabited by the approximately 103,000 Tongans.

Even though Tonga has never lost its sovereignty to another power, it has gone through a civil war in the fifteenth century and another civil war in the seventeenth century. Currently it is a constitutional monarchy.

So, for the twenty first day of the experiment I have found a video of a love song in Tongan that provides the lyrics.

If you know of a video of a birthday song sung in Tongan, please let me know at Lonely People Champion Facebook Page.

Happy Birthday to you. Here is the twenty first video of the experiment:

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A Happy Birthday To You!

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