Lonely Birthday Video January Third

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Lonely Birthday Video January Third, from Zambia, is a beautiful puzzle. If you don't like puzzles you can simply enjoy the first part of the song which is in English. If you like puzzles consider this puzzle a birthday gift that may keep you busy for a long time.

I came across this song by searching in Youtube for 'Happy Birthday Zambia'. The title of the video is simply 'happy birthday song in all languages'. There is no other explanation on the video. The part of the song after the first part is sung in different language or languages.

It was uploaded more than four years ago. The video has been viewed more than nineteen thousand times but there is not a single comment. The puzzle is: What are those languages?

Are the languages in the song any of these: Bemba, Tonga, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Kaonde, Nyanja, Chewa?

If anyone knows please post your answer at Lonely People Champion Facebook Page.

So, on the third day of the experiment I have run into a mystery.

I had a difficult time finding anything on Youtube that reflected the culture of the Republic of Zambia. This video was the only one I found that may have some connection to the languages of Zambia other than the official language, English.

So, with a puzzle, Happy Birthday to you. I hope you like puzzles. Here is the third video of the experiment:

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If you know of a happy birthday video that reflects Zambian culture, please post your suggestion at the Facebook page mentioned above. A Happy Birthday To You!

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