Lonely Birthday Video January Seventh

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Lonely Birthday Video January Seventh is a song that sings Happy Birthday to you in Spanish. The video also provides the lyrics in Spanish and English. That makes it an awesome video to represent Venezuela in the list of Birthday Videos.

Since the video is in Spanish and and lyrics are in Spanish and English, the sentiments of the greeting come across beautifully.

To quote the author: The night is beautiful... and it's full of joy. .......To wish you forever Happy Birthday! There is a lot more that is beautiful in the lyrics and you can listen to it and understand it because it is all laid out for you to understand and enjoy.

The dark background and the guitar just add to the magic.

The title of the video is Cumpleanos Venezolano – Venezuelan Birthday Song. The song is sung by Serenata Guayanesa

So, on the seventh day of the experiment I have found a video that sings Happy Birthday to you in Spanish and the video represents Venezuela.

If you study the culture of Venezuela until your next birthday it might open up some avenues for friendship that were not open before. Sometimes small decisions take a person's life in a completely different and interesting direction.

I doubt that you will come across a video from Venezuela that is better than this for a birthday greeting. However, if you feel you have one that surpasses this one, please let me know at Lonely People Champion Facebook Page.

Happy Birthday to you. Here is the seventh video of the experiment:

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A Happy Birthday To You!

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