Lonely Birthday Video January Second

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Lonely Birthday Video January Second is a video from  Zimbabwe.

A very beautiful song with beautiful sentiments. This birthday greeting is for a female. However, if you can get past the section at 1:02 that is sung to “baby girl”, the birthday sentiments are for anyone who can accept it.

It is worth taking in all the words and sentiments of the song. The rhythm that has its origins in Africa. A lot of our world's rhythms originated in Africa, the birthplace of humanity. This region of Africa also has a strong tradition of poetry.

To me, this video in Youtube appears to be a gift from one of the kind and generous people of the Republic Of Zimbabwe. You are also treated to the famous Zimambwean smile from the singer Ngonidzashe Kambarami.

This song is from his album idenderedzwa, which is one of his three albums. Thank you Ngonidzashe for easing the hearts of lonely people worldwide. If you like this song, I would urge you to search for Ngonidzashe Kambarami's music and buy his albums.

Once again Happy Birthday to you. Here is the second video of the experiment.

Your comments are welcome at Lonely People Champion Facebook Page. Please like the page before you post your comments. This song seems to be loved by the folks who have heard it.

If you can suggest any happy birthday videos to be included in this experiment, please post your suggestion at the Facebook page mentioned above. A Happy Birthday To You!

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