Lonely Birthday Video January Nineteenth

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Lonely Birthday Video January Nineteenth is a video about a lonely island. If you are having a lonely birthday, you will appreciate this video in a way that only a lonely person can appreciate it.

The video I have selected is only forty seconds long. It starts with a small bird that cannot yet fly. In its future lies some incredibly acrobatic flying but at the time of the video it is a landlubber. Its nest is a hollow in the ground next to the low scrub vegetation of this island.

Lonely Birthday Video January Nineteenth is mostly about the small bird, its parents and the scrub vegetation. That is mostly what exists on Tromelin Island. And, oh yes, an incredible story. Somehow, the island and its story have echoes of incredible loneliness and the triumph of the human spirit.

Lonely Birthday Video January Nineteenth is about Tromelin Island, a very small island in the Indian Ocean. It is about 280 miles east of madagascar, which is itself an island off the southeastern coast of Africa.

It has no local population, no harbors, no fresh water and hardly any trees. There are a lot of nesting sites of green sea turtles and masked boobies. A masked booby is a kind of seafaring bird that builds nests in hollows in the ground.

It is administered as a French Overseas Territory. Mauritius and Seychelles both claim ownership of the island. The island is only a little more than a mile long and less than half a mile wide.

There is a dirt landing strip on which quite a large plane can land. The landing strip and a meteorological station were constructed by France in 1954 after an agreement between the British and the French.

A French navigator recorded the island in 1722. In 1761the French ship Utile, carrying an illicit cargo of slaves, foundered on the reefs of the island. Twenty sailors and seventy slaves drowned.

After six months on island, the surviving sailors built a raft which they used to get to Madagascar. They left sixty slaves behind on a deserted island with three months food supply, a well that provided hard water and no trees, promising to return for the slaves.

They never returned for the slaves.

The slaves survived by eating birds and turtles and they kept the same fire burning for fifteen years.

On November 29, 1776, the crew of the French warship La Dauphine noticed a fire on the island. The captain, Bernard Boudin de Tromelin visited the island and rescued the survivors. The island has been named Tromelin.

Fifty four people could not survive being left on an island like that. It doesn't do anyone any good to be an island in the sea of humanity. Make all efforts you can, to make some friends.

There is a very detailed article about the slaves and how they survived at Shipwrecked and Abandoned by independent.co.uk.

So, for the Nineteenth day of the experiment I have found a video with a great story attached to it. As I search for videos I come across countries in interesting locations, countries with huge deserts, great coastlines and also tiny locations such as Tromelin Island.

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Happy Birthday to you. Here is the Nineteenth video of the experiment:

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A Happy Birthday To You!

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