Lonely Birthday Video January Fourth

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This song, Lonely Birthday Video January Fourth, is in Arabic. I came across this song by searching in Youtube for 'Happy Birthday Yemen'. 

The interesting aspect of this video is that if you listen to it without looking at the images, you can pick up a sense of what the singer is singing in Arabic, without knowing any Arabic. Even though I don't understand Arabic, the emotion comes through for me. Try listening to it repeatedly until the good emotions come through. I find it fascinating that it happens.

If anyone can present a translation of the song in English please post your answer at Lonely People Champion Facebook Page. It would be most welcome.

So, on the fourth day of the experiment I have found a song that conveys good emotions separately from the words. It is fitting that it happens via a song that has roots in a civilization that goes back to 400,000 BC, the dawn of civilization.

I found only six videos when I searched for 'happy birthday video song Yemen' on Yotube. There is a positive emotion that comes through in this song.

Happy Birthday to you. Here is the fourth video of the experiment:

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If you know of a happy birthday video that reflects the culture of the Republic of Yemen, please post your suggestion at the Facebook page mentioned above. A Happy Birthday To You!

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