Lonely Birthday Video January First

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Lonely Birthday Video January First is an experiment starting on January 1. I am starting out with a birthday greeting by a marching band.

The reason I am starting this experiment is that I believe I ought to do everything I can to wish you a happy birthday even though we have not yet met. I will show you later on this page how we can meet online.

Please understand that some of these videos are going to have some tiny reference to another person for whom the video was made. Please don't let that take away from your pleasure.

I believe a lot of the good feelings will be conveyed to you as you watch and listen to the videos.

Very few people in this world are lucky enough to receive greetings with a marching band. We all feel good when we receive greetings from another human being. When a greeting is received from a marching band, we know that the greeting is coming from a large number of humans who have put out a large, concerted and talented effort.

Each human in that marching band has put in hours to learn just one instrument. So a greeting from a marching band is one beautiful audio stream for a very short time. I have a good time just playing these videos so I can select the best ones for you.

Once again Happy Birthday to you. Here is the first video:

You can contact me by posting on the Lonely People Champion Facebook Page. If you are happy with my greetings to you, please like the page and post your comments. If you don't want to do that, that's fine too!

If you have any suggestions for videos, please post your suggestions on the Facebook page mentioned above. I just want to wish you A Happy Birthday.

I am going to post as many videos as I can. Let me see how many I can post.

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