Lonely Birthday Video January Fifth

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This song, Lonely Birthday Video January Fifth, conveys the sentiment without words but by using music. The visual element is a big component of the total effect that this video has upon a person.

When I searched for happy birthday song Virgin Islands, this was the only video worth including. The title of the song is happy birthday e-card video song romantic bolero beach sunset to you.

So, on the fifth day of the experiment I have found a song that conveys good emotions using music but no words. When you are on such a beautiful beach at sunset, you probably don't want to hear any words! Beautiful music is the only thing that will fit the scene and the mood.

If you come across any other music that would feel appropriate in such a setting please leave a note at the Lonely People Champion Facebook page.

Happy Birthday to you. Here is the fifth video of the experiment:

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If you know of a happy birthday video that is unique to the British Virgin Islands, please post your suggestion at the Facebook page mentioned above. A Happy Birthday To You!

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