Lonely Birthday Freebies, Are Those Useful For You?

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Lonely birthday freebies are very easy to find and they are useful. The secret to finding your birthday freebies is to search for this term, "freebies on birthday YYYY in NameOfCity, NameOfState" in the Google search engine. (This page talks about the freebies available in USA and the YYYY stands for the year.)

The search results will tell you all about the freebies available at your location. You  can also try searching for the term, "freebies on birthday YYYY" if you want to expand your search and research a bigger list.

The number of available lonely birthday freebies...

...is very large. The list is so large that it is overwhelming. If you have come to this page a few days before your birthday, you can have a good time looking through these huge lists and plan what you are going to do on your birthday.

Some establishments give you a $10.00 coupon. There are many well known restaurants that provide free entrees or values up to $25.00 or $30.00 dollars. There is also a large number of establishments that provide a free dessert or free icecream. Search a bit more and you can find companies that give you gifts other than edible gifts. It can be very enjoyable if the company remembers your birthday the next year.

Some restaurants may...

...want you to provide your email and register with them. Some companies mail you your birthday gift! If you register a few weeks before your birthday you can be sure you are going to get emails wishing you a happy birthday. They will do the same thing next year as well! You just have to get used to deleting the extra emails you get from the restaurants and other establishments.

This video shows what happens when...

...a person decides to go after the discounts in an organized fashion.

The video is about freebies available in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. You are welcome to try doing the same thing at your location and documenting it in a video. You can also create a website or blog about it.

It would take some organizational skills and some work but it would keep you busy and happy on your birthday.

Even though it is a good idea to search for freebies...

...that are local to your area, here is a website that keeps track of freebies in several states and keeps the list updated: Lonely Birthday Freebies Lists .

The list of freebies it provides is in alphabetical order. It provides a second list that is specific to certain states.

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