What Can A Person Do On A Lonely Birthday? These Videos Will Tell You!

A lonely birthday cannot happen if you realize there are two different ways of celebrating a birthday. One way is to let others celebrate your birthday and have hardly any control over your birthday celebration. The other way is to celebrate your birthday by doing what pleases you.

Your lonely birthday is not the day to...

...be spent searching for a mate. You want to do your best to ensure you don't take the risk of experiencing any rejection on a lonely birthday.

A few people don't care much about what happens on their birthday. They go to work, don't tell anyone it is their birthday and so on. I don't believe in doing that.

Plan for your lonely birthday in advance, arrange for a day off work and have a very clear plan about all the activities. Think of it as a hedonistic day once every year.

If you have a list of activities to keep you busy for twelve to fourteen hours on your birthday, you've got it made.

If you don't have a list of activities, you can visit the Lonely People Laughing page or the Lonely Games page. You could also spend time reading the newest pages I have added to this website by going to the Lonely Blog.

Also, here is a list of possible activities:

1. Arrange for your alarm to wake you up by playing a "Happy Birthday" song. Six hundred and two artists have performed this song. Deciding which cd to buy at cduniverse.com or amazon.com for your birthday morning could keep you busy for a month before your birthday. Once you have the cd, put it in your alarm clock cd player the night before your birthday and wake up to it on your birthday.

2. On your birthday morning get dressed and ready to go out in time for your leisurely breakfast. If you live in a large city, you can have your breakfast at any time that suits you. Have a breakfast that pleases you. Or take advantage of freebies offered by businesses in your location. Take a look at the Birthday Freebies page.

3. After breakfast you need only activities that will keep you busy for two to three hours. Depending on what time you ate breakfast, there are many activities that you can engage in, like watching a show or a movie. If that is not practical, make sure you have a list of what you would like to buy and go shopping. Keep an eye on the clock so you can start your next activity on time.


4. Soon it will be time for lunch. If you have put some thought into preparing for your lonely birthday, you are likely to have a clear idea of where you can have a memorable lunch. Memories of good lunches I have had on my birthdays stay with me for years. So, having chosen carefully, it is now time for you to get yourself over to the restaurant for your birthday lunch.

Don't worry that you are alone. Your birthday lunch is likely to be more fun when you are making all the decisions about what to eat.

5. What you do after lunch depends on your personality. Some people I know would like nothing better than a nap after lunch. They nap in the afternoon and save their energy for late night partying. You may want to go to an arcade and play games to your heart's content. Or, more shows, movies or shopping. Get all the fun you can during the post lunch hours.

Make sure you keep having fun until all the office workers and others have returned home. The idea is to avoid getting caught in the back-from-work rush, otherwise it will feel like just another working day.

6. After the post lunch fun is over, it may be worthwhile to go home, rest a bit and get changed for the evening's activities.

Here again, it helps to have the evening's activities planned in advance. If chess is your passion and you like nothing better than going to the chess club, then today is the day for it. Spending time in the activity that thrills you, that is the best thing to do on your lonely birthday evening. If there is a night spot with dancing and music you enjoy, your birthday is the day for it.

7. You should be feeling good by the time you finish your evening activities. Notice that you have been able to have fun all day without the need for another person's individual company. I hope you already know the ideal place for your dinner. When you go to dinner all by yourself, be proud of your accomplishments of the day.

When you eat dinner by yourself at a good restaurant or at an all-night restaurant, you are performing a social activity. If someone notices that you are eating alone and wants to chat with you, be open to the possibilities, even though you did not set out to find a friend by eating out alone. If no one wants to chat with you, that's fine too. After all you just came to enjoy memorable food.

8. After you have enjoyed all the activities you had planned for yourself, you need one more activity that you perform at home before you go to bed. You need to write a journal about your lonely birthday. Write your journal, watch a movie, read a book or go straight to bed and

Happy Birthday To YOU!

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