A Lonely Beach - Do You Want To Accentuate Your Loneliness By Being There?

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A lonely beach is a great place to feel alone, lonely or wonderful. It depends upon what's inside you. It is very easy for thoughts to get imprinted on you when you are at a beach. It is also very easy to feel close to God and feel the strong primal connection to this earth.

At a beach a lonely person can feel connected with nature. The solutions, however, have to come from within you. It is a great place to be in solitude and look into your own mind and find the solutions for overcoming your loneliness. With the beautiful surroundings it is easy to give your resourcefulness full play.


There are some beaches in South East Asia that have become famous with simply a name implying a secluded beach. Those beaches are tourist destinations and not necessarily places for lonely people!

To a chronically lonely person life itself may feel like a lonesome beach.

Such a person may feel that s/he is out there for everyone to see and ignore!

That is just a depressing feeling and the answer to overcoming it lies in action.

The lonely person has to get up and start performing some action. One can always find some activity to engage in. Once the activity is started the endorphins kick in, supplies may need to be purchased and before you know it you are out shopping. Your activity becomes your surrogate companion.

If you would prefer not to start some activity for yourself, look for opportunities to volunteer. Volunteering is a surefire way of getting you active and out amongst people. From now, on let the mention of the word “beach” spur you into action to overcome loneliness.

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