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Even lonely valentines don't like to go to their dentists on Valentines Day. A few days ago I found myself in my dentist's chair. I had avoided going to the dentist for about two years.

This time the dentist had a twenty four inch monitor attached to the chair. Two different assistants asked me, a total of four times, if I wanted to watch tv as I waited. They are nice people and I was not upset that they asked me if I wanted to watch tv. After all most people would watch tv to distract themselves.

What does not wanting to watch tv have to do with Valentine's day? Well, if you don't watch tv, Valentine's day won't bother you. Even some happy couples, including happily married couples dread Valentine's day or at least roll their eyes at the commercials.

The reason I am pointing this out is...

...that if Valentine's day bothers you, it is because it is a fake, commercial, manipulative, non-holiday and you have been suckered into the non-commercial aspects of the commercialism of it.


If you get used to ignoring the media, then you will be controlling the media in your life instead of it controlling you. The chances are high that if you get busy with what you really like doing, you will meet a person who has also learned to control the effects of media in his or her life.

Many people are lonely AND miserable on Valentine's day. The problem of the person's loneliness existed before Valentine's day rolled around. The misery comes from envy and anger. The person is envious of the people that do have love and companionship. The anger is toward those they envy and toward themselves. Anger doesn't solve any problems and usually creates additional problems.

Loneliness as a problem has so very little to do with Valentine's day.

You can actually use Valentine's Day to see if you can get by without tv and other media for two weeks from February 4th to February 17th. As an experiment you can keep a journal about what happens when you are completely alone for two weeks - no tv, no newspaper, no internet, no email, no shopping, no other media.

Get to know yourself and you might find that you are actually good company. This way you can turn two weeks of misery into two weeks of self actualization. These will be your two weeks of "yogi" mode.

What if you are a lonely valentine who cannot stay away from the internet?

In that case, spend a lot of your internet time searching for jokes and funny videos on the internet. Please stay away from jokes and videos that make fun of lonely people. Spend as much time as necessary each day of the two weeks searching for jokes that give you lots of laughs.

Your goal would be to find the funniest joke or video of the day for each day of those two weeks. The goal for the two week period would be to find one joke or video each day that has you laughing until tears roll out of your eyes. Those tears would be much better than the tears you would shed crying about a fake event like Valentine's day.

If, after all that...

...you, the lonely valentine, still have some anger to vent, send your angry or venting email to IHateValentinesDay@lonely-people-champion.com. If you like you can use the suggestions on this web page from February 4th to February 17th and then send emails about your successes to IHateValentinesDay@lonely-people-champion.com

Lonely Valentines Day Jokes

Point your finger

At a lonely person

And laugh.

Go ahead.

Four of your fingers

Are pointing at you!

You are just pointing out

To the lonely

That they are better off

Without the company

Of people like you.

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