What Can A Lonely Man Do?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

A lonely man, even a lonely family guy, is lonely in a way different from a lonely woman. Lonely men feel a justified pressure to not reveal their loneliness. For some reason, men feel the need to be taciturn. Two women can meet and talk for fifteen minutes and consider it a perfectly normal occurrence. During those fifteen minutes they have a chance to find out if they can be friends.

Conversations between men tend to be short and very much to the point. The conversations between men can be long if both of them have the same hobby and are exchanging meaningful information about it.

Many men are unmarried or living without a partner by choice. Most men do not feel the pressure to have children until it is too late. The pressure to have children is felt more intensely by women.

Many men have a difficult time...

...building an emotional relationship because they try to get sex without making a 'commitment.' This attitude ties in with the natural instinct of most men to 'spread their genes widely.' Even when they succeed in 'spreading their genes widely' they also succeed in keeping themselves uncommitted to a satisfying emotional relationship.


It is easier for men to build social relationships but those social relationships feel unsatisfying in the absence of adequate emotional relationships with a spouse and children.

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A lonesome man who does not resolve his loneliness...

...is at risk of suffering many terrible things. One of those terrible things is to be the victim of a con-woman. A lonely man is very susceptible to what a woman offers him. If she turns out to be a con-woman she could break his heart and his bank, leaving him emotionally and financially devastated.

Some men...

...allow themselves to express their emotions only after or during sex - in other words they give sex first priority and their emotions second priority in their lives. Such men try to resolve their loneliness by finding sex, any way they can. And then there are the men who hire a sexual escort and spend the time just expressing their emotions.

A problem with lonely men...

...is that in some cases, the loneliness of men explodes into violence against members of society. That is why it is important to find as many ways to overcome loneliness as possible.

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