Lonely lyrics do not always help lonely people.

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Lonely people need to stay away from songs with lonely lyrics that cause them to feel sad. To overcome loneliness a person has to watch out for this: Wallowing in loneliness is a bad idea. It keeps the person away from dealing with their loneliness.

It is fine to set aside time...

...once a month to listen to songs where the lyrics of lonely songs cause you to cry. Song lyrics that do that, help to release the tension caused by loneliness.

Some people argue that...

...singers and songwriters exploit lonely people by creating songs about loneliness, particularly since most of the lonely lyrics do not offer a solution to loneliness.

I suspect it is common knowledge amongst singers and songwriters that a song about loneliness will sell - there is a market for it. The song people have no incentive to provide a solution to your situation. The objective of the song people is to evoke your emotions about your sad condition.

Others are of the opinion that...

...artists' life is a life of loneliness - that they practically have no choice but to create such songs. The truth lies partially in both arguments. But that is still no reason for lonely men and lonely women to wallow in misery listening to songs with such lyrics. Such songs simply leave people feeling lonely again.

A person with a lonely heart might...

...enjoy such a lonely song, but that happens only when the person knows that it is a temporary condition. A person with that kind of a lonely heart seems to revel in the heartache. Still lyrics of such songs serve a purpose just after a break up, where a lonely man or lonely woman listens to the songs night and day.


Continuously listening to songs with lonely lyrics only causes a person to be sucked into a vortex of sadness which takes a person deeper and deeper into loneliness. Reading the lyrics out of the context of the rhythm sometimes help to see what the song writer is trying to do to you and helps you regain your balance.

If you ever lay your eyes on lyrics that have an upbeat idea about loneliness, hang on to it because it is rare. Since lyrics are so powerful in evoking emotions, they can be used to deal with loneliness. One song with a couple of lessons in it is Nobody Wants To Be Lonely by Ricky Martin.

I know of one way to use lonely lyrics...

...to your advantage. Write the poems yourself. It can be an easy path out of loneliness. You can see how to do that on the Poems page.

Bonus Solution:

Do volunteer work.

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