Why Are Lonely Housewives Lonely?

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Lonely housewives are in a bad situation. The lonely housewife has committed to one partner and an important need in her life is not being fulfilled. Her loneliness does not leave visible scars on her. However, loneliness negatively affects her mental and physical health.

Since the problem is so common and troublesome...

...I am going to list the things you can do to overcome your alienation.

1. Get involved with groups of people who are interested in the same things you are interested in.

2. Get involved in the activities of your children.

3. Throw parties for members of the extended family.

4. Find a good time to sit your husband down and talk to him about your heartache.

5. Insist on one outing (i.e. date) every month.

6. Insist on having a 'family night' once a week, where you and the whole family spend an evening having fun together.

7. Subscribe to Netflix.com and have a movie or two delivered to your home every week. Insist on you and the family watching at least one movie a week.

8. Get involved in some volunteer activities, i.e. help others to help yourself.

A woman can be a lonely housewife while...

...her husband is under the impression that everything is fine with their marriage. Either her husband's emotional connection to her is broken or is tenuous - with gaps in the connection. Many parts of their relationship may be just fine except for the missing parts that cause his wife to be lonely.

A housewife may be lonely because...

...of the job her husband has. His job may be that of a trucker, salesman, soldier, doctor or executive. She may also be lonely because of the kind of job she has, like that of a nurse who works nights.

Some married women grow apart from their husbands because of emotional or intellectual differences. Most times, husbands are un-cooperative about resolving problems in the marriage. Understandably, lonely married women make the mistake of being reluctant to discuss their loneliness with their husbands.

The list of solutions...

...presented at the beginning of the page is only a starter list. There are many other solutions that you can think up on your own to avoid being friendless.

Lonely Housewives

How sad it is

That some wives

Are lonely housewives.

All that enormous power

For good

For themselves

For their families

On hold

Because they are lonely.

All that enormous power

On hold

Can only be bad

For the bold

Lonely housewives.

(c) Lonely People Champion

Alone and Lonely Girl

She is both
Alone and a lonely girl.


Not trying to show
How she really feels
About the leaving of the heel,
But it was a devastating blow.

Now that she is alone,
The dam breaks with a moan
There is a flood of tears
She hopes nobody hears.

When the crying is done
The hurt has just begun
Mourning for the tragedy
Yet to begin intensely.

It's not yet time
For the resentment sublime
To begin.

(c) Lonely People Champion

How Do Lonely People Stop Being Lonely?

One wonders

How do lonely people

Stop being lonely.

How do lonely people

Stop sitting?

By moving

To stand up

Or moving

To lay back flat.

What they do,


Whether they are going to be

Chronically lonely,

Or not.

(c) Lonely People Champion

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