Are lonely hearts on their own?

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When owners of lonely hearts start to search for information about overcoming the problem, they are going to run into some unpleasant information right from the start. It is quite a surprise to encounter the unpleasant information when one is simply looking for a way to find friendship and companionship for a heart that is lonely.

However, what you are going to find is...


...that the words, 'lonely hearts' occupy a position in the the lexicon that is not at all enviable but one that engenders pity. But we lonely people simply want to find friends, not pity! Most of the search results you find on the internet are going to turn you off without doing you any good.

Here is what you are going to find among the search results: Old movies about crimes against loners, tv shows about crimes, websites about fashionable clothes for women, articles about the decline of marriage and stuff about other depressing items. So the internet does not provide much help to lonesome hearts.

In summary...

...none of the above search results provide anything that could be useful to relieve the lonely blues! All we lonely people want is someone that will make the heart sing and hum with pleasure.

Well, how to find such a person?

Surprisingly, the answer is un-emotional action. One has to get away from the emotional thoughts and plan out an action plan.

Before you create your personal ad, go to - Be sure to make the selections for the interactive Lonely Hearts Ad and then click on analyze me at the bottom right. Then read all the information that is provided - you will get a scientific analysis about your ad. Professor Robin Dunbar of Liverpool University spent amost ten years studying the hidden signals contained in personal advertisements.

There are three websites...

...where you could place your ad -

1) At this website, you can click on the third button on the top left hand side of the page - i.e. the FAQ button to find out all about how this website works. You can search profiles as a guest.

2) - here also, you can search profiles while you are a guest.

3) There is another website that caters to people who are more serious about getting a more permanent solution to their loneliness. This is a website, based in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, for people who want to find a marriage partner -

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