loneliness is paralyzingI
by Marlon
(British columbia,Canada)

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Loneliness is paralyzingi. At this point in life a man should be surrounded by friends and family, yet my life is completely opposite. I lie about my loneliness. I'm ashamed to admit that I have no one at all to turn to.

All I have is my work, and being a painter it is usually a very solitary occupation.After work I go home and stay there until the next morning when I head off to work again.
When the weekend comes or we take a break for holidays I tend to pace the floor, look out the window...think about events that led to this and weep. Sometimes I drive my truck around town aimlessly with really no where to go. I at one point found myself going to the same store 3 times a day just for human contact I think. They always said hi and how are you?

Yet strangely, I find myself ducking out of any chance to socialize with other people. Over the past few years offers to join others have more or less stopped. I always seemed to procrastinate writing to friends and family that looked me up on facebook. I in fact appear to have snubbed everyone and now no-one cares about me and I don't blame them.All sorts of plans and ideas go through my head as to how I can end this suffering, but I just cant bring myself to do things that make me feel better, it truly is like some sort of paralysis...
Even as I write this I feel myself losing interest in writing any more , actions such as this seem futile, perhaps Ill add more later...

Comment by Lonely People Champion:

This comment is not professional or medical advice. You take full responsibility for any actions you take based on what you read in this comment.

Yes, loneliness does tend to cause inertia in people. The only solution seems to be to take some kind of social action when you find yourself at home in the evening with nothing to do. Engaging in volunteering activities is one way out of this situation.

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