Loneliness And Solitude. What would most people prefer to do? Live in solitude or in loneliness?

Loneliness and solitude are two sides of the same coin. On one side is the agony of loneliness and on the other side is the ecstasy of solitude. It is interesting to take a look at solitude vs loneliness.

What is separating them is as thin as a shadow.

On the underside of the shadow is the darkness of the human ego and on the upper side of the shadow is the brightness of spiritual luminance and beauty of solitude.

The difference between loneliness and solitude is that you can be lonely while in the company of a crowd of people but you cannot enjoy solitude when in the company of any one person.


Solitude results in a feeling of satisfaction. Loneliness results in a feeling of dissatisfaction. Solitude is what a man enjoys on the john and loneliness is what he suffers from in bed. So, it is certainly interesting to compare loneliness vs solitude.

In solitude, one realizes the utter vulnerability of one's self: A being who can think enough to realize the fragility of his existence. A being on the surface of a planet, for whom everything is made available - water, shelter, food three times a day - all because of the co-operation of the other beings like him.

If you are able to handle...

...for some length of time, the absence of other beings like you, then you can grow bold and confident and enjoy your solitude, think about your spiritual nature, create!

If you are not able to handle, for some length of time, the absence of other beings like you because you panic and are fearful because of your vulnerability, then you experience loneliness and all the terrible effects of loneliness.

Solitude is a virtual room...

...you enter voluntarily and leave voluntarily. Loneliness is a virtual jail cell you enter involuntarily and and think you cannot leave voluntarily. People in the jail cell of loneliness wait for another person to bail them out. That is the difference between solitude and loneliness.

The way to leave loneliness...

...voluntarily is to perform a lot of sociable actions. Sociable or social actions like volunteering to help good causes, issuing invitations to social events or accepting invitations to social events, joining training classes, joining support groups, making phone calls, etc.

One of the best things to do...

...to understand solitude is to search for quotes about solitude and read all the quotes you can find. Solitude is delightful. Even though solitude is a shadow's width away from loneliness if you search for quotes about solitude you may discover all that is wonderful about it.

Solitude is needed for...

...creative activities

There are many ways of being creative. One of the ways is to be in the company of others and have a word, statement or event initiated by others trigger something new in your mind. Even in this way of creating, people need to go off and be alone and build on that spark of a new idea.

Another way to create is to deliberately go off and find solitude, let your mind wander or your mind be unengaged in a task and actually get bored a little. Under such circumstances, creative ideas, sometimes, pop into your mind.

There are many writers who have to have solitude for long periods of time to fully engage in the creative process of developing a novel, a play or a musical piece.

One way to move from loneliness to solitude is...

...to make two lists. Make one list of the pleasures and advantages you experience from solitude. Make the other list of the emotional aches and disadvantages of being lonely. When you are lonely, take out your list of the good aspects of your solitude and make an effort to enjoy those advantages when you are lonely. That way you can enjoy both, loneliness and solitude!

 Loneliness And Solitude


Two sides of the same shadow

Are loneliness and solitude

Solitude is an angel

Loneliness is a messenger evil

Solitude is bliss

Loneliness is an abyss

Solitude is ecstasy

Loneliness is agony

If you can turn

Your loneliness into solitude

You can call yourself

A mental gymnast

Most accomplished.


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