When Do You Think Letter Writing Is Not Cathartic?

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Letter writing is cathartic. It cleanses your mind and more. Are you frustrated with your loneliness? Is your frustration high enough for you to sit down, quiet your mind enough to write a letter to yourself? You may need to clear your mind enough to write letters, a whole bunch of letters. To write letters you will need peace and quiet, that is alone-ness, which sometimes is loneliness. So writing letters can consume some of your loneliness.

There is no point in writing a formal letter.

Your letter needs to be in a relaxed style. A proper writing format is NOT required. Just imagine you have a friend and you are writing a letter to that friend. There is no need to be writing in the style of a lady of old days writing a letter. Writing letters is very useful for lonely people. The best use is mentioned at the bottom of this page.


Writing a letter is very different from sending off an email, text message or a tweet. These days, sending a well written letter is like sending a bouquet of flowers. Try to use good letter writing paper. Let's talk about the benefits of letter writing that flow to the sender of the letter bouquet. The lonely letter writer has to calm down in order to write a letter. Then the negative thoughts can flow out into the words of the letter. There are several other benefits you discover when you start writing letters.

These are the action steps:

When you write a letter, your thoughts achieve physical form right then and there and in front of your eyes. When you write an email, you words achieve an electronic form which is a physical form of an infinitesimally small size. A large number of emails never get printed. Once you feel the release and power of putting your words on paper, you will continue to use that power and enjoy that release.

The next step is for you to start journalling. A journal is essentially a letter to yourself every day. Angry people don't have friends. At least, not for long. Get your anger out and into your journal. Then destroy your journal, because angry words in any form are dangerous. Once you have destroyed your journal, immediately buy another five hundred page notebook and start your next journal.

The last step is for you to get yourself some pen pals. That is what all this preparation has been for. If you keep this process in mind, you can work on getting pen pals while you work through the process. There is no point in having pen pals if you don't know how to keep your pals as pals.

One of the better sites to find a snail mail pen pal is Friendship-By-Mail.com. That website will inform you about the pen-pal world and how to get started.

Bonus solution:

Forgive all those who hurt you in the past, present and future. Forgive yourself.

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