Internet Dating - Want To Know The Four Easy Steps?

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Internet dating, or online dating as it is often called, is very do-able these days. The big question is whether you want to do it or not. According to recently published study by Pew Research ( only 11% of American adults have used online dating sites. Even though that is a very small percentage, the attitudes toward online dating have become far more favorable.

Let us turn our attention to the practical...

...steps to start internet dating. First, decide to do it. Second, become knowledgeable about some of the better internet dating sites to use. Third, become knowledgeable about some of the technologies to use. Fourth, just jump in and get started.

First - decide to do it.

If you are single, lonely and would like to find a mate, online dating is one of the methods to do so. There is no point in excluding internet dating; it increases your reach and you can examine a lot of details about a potential mate before deciding to make the initial contact. It also has the advantage of keeping up with the changing world.

Second – become knowledgeable...

...about some of the better internet dating sites to use.

The most commonly used online dating sites are,, Plenty Of Fish (,, and is the undisputed giant amongst online dating sites and it is the oldest one. At you create your profile and browse the profiles of others to find your potential mate. It will be up to you to decide whom to contact based on what you read in the profile. doesn't do any matching for you. is not free to join.


Eharmony has the profiles of only those people they have prescreened. When you apply to join eHarmony you have to answer a 200 item questionnaire before eHarmony will  accept your profile. Eharmony also uses your answers to the questionnaire to form your profile and match you with compatible profiles. Eharmony is not free to join.

A dating website that is not free to use but is very popular is It has more than 50 million members. is a website that offers opportunities to date, to use free online dating chat. Badoo also offers opportunities to make friends by meeting people IN YOUR AREA. It is very popular, has almost 200 million members and is free to use.

One website which is very popular in the United States, Canada, U.K. And Brazil is It has more than 40 million members and it is free to use.

OKCupid is a large dating site with more than 6 million members and it is free to use. With OKCupid it is up to you to state your preferences and OKCupid matches you up with those who match your preferences.

Your preferences may require you to use a dating website that caters to your particular needs. One resource you may find useful is a comparison of dating internet dating sites by wikipedia at:

Third - become knowledgeable about some of the technologies to use.

Some of the technologies to use are Skype, social networking sites and smart phones.

I have mentioned Skype first because it allows you to have a virtual date via a video call within minutes after making the initial contact with a person you want to meet. If you don't have a Skype account, go to and sign up for your free account. Then convince a friend to do the same and make a few calls to the friend so you can become familiar with making Skype calls. I find Skype video calls to be so much better than voice calls.

If you don't have a Facebook (a social networking site) profile, now is the time to sign up and create one. Don't worry about how it works. Just create a profile and call a few friends and relatives and tell them you have a Facebook profile. Respond to their friend requests on Facebook.

Send out a few friend requests suggested by Facebook and you will be on your way. You don't have to allow Facebook to use your regular email list. Just send out friend requests one at a time. You will have better control that way.

You probably know how to use a smart phone already. It is quite important to get familiar with sending, receiving and responding to text messages.

Fourth - just jump in and get started.

All that is left is to select an online dating website, sign up, create a profile and get started. Use internet dating as one of your methods of finding your mate. Millions of singles are doing it.

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