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Internal Loneliness - in some cases, the feelings of isolation and emptiness come from within the person. Such a person gets no satisfaction from being in the company of friends. They feel that almost all their friends don’t understand their mindset and therefore don’t understand what is going on with them.

Since they cannot find anyone that understands them, they are lonely all the time. They feel lonely regardless of how many people they know, meet or are with and regardless of the circumstances they are in. People with this kind of loneliness quite often ask the question, 'What do lonely people do to solve their problem?'

If you are a person who dislikes your shortcomings...


...and lack confidence in yourself, you will probably feel lonely until you meet someone who makes you feel better about yourself. Since such people are rare, you spend most of your time feeling lonely.

If you are a person who is very selfish and you don’t even realize you are very selfish, then the chances are high that you are going to end up being a loner. Being a social person means being a giving person. If you observe people, you will notice that many people avoid loneliness by having something valuable to give. The best way to give is to get busy in volunteer activities. Getting engaged in voluntary activities does cause selfish people to examine their selfishness.

Some people with this kind of loneliness...

...are constantly getting into relationships and failing at the relationship. Not realizing that they themselves are the cause of their loneliness, they try to find a partner who will “fill” their emptiness. When the partner cannot fill their emptiness, they feel "unfulfilled", the relationship breaks up and they move on to the next relationship where they repeat the process.

Some people with internal loneliness have given up and...

...reconciled themselves to just coping with their feelings. They may use food, liquor, drugs, sex to cope with their feelings. Some of these coping actions are not very hurtful but do serve to keep them lonely. Some times the things they use to cope, end up imprisoning them in solitary confinement. That is so because, instead of recognizing the problem, taking the right actions to solve the problem, their only actions are coping actions.

Bonus Solution:

Understand what is happening to you and get professional help if necessary. 

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