In a lonely place such as earth.

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In a lonely place such as earth the only thing worth doing is making friends. Dogs and cats naturally understand this.

Dogs make friends with humans, who are not even members of their own species. They also make friends with dogs. However, they appear to have a more difficult time doing so.

So it is with us humans. We have a hard time making friends with each other and find it easier to make friends with dogs.

Wherever you can make friends, do so.

 The idea is to have a friendly attitude. Make it as easy to become friends with you as businesses make it easy to spend money. Dogs will sense it in you and so will humans.

You may consider making friends with dogs a step toward your goal of making friends with humans. Making friends with dogs, even though easy, can sometimes be an irritating matter. So can making friends with humans.


 Cats have even better ways of making friends. They seem to know that earth is a lonely place. They just hold on to their confidence. They stalk birds even though they themselves cannot fly. They bestow their friendship on you if pet them and feed them the kind of food they like.

You can pull off that kind of stance too. All you have to do is gain plenty of self confidence and it will keep you out of lonely places. Once you are confident, you will attract humans, cats and dogs.

What if you manage to become confident and every one ignores you?

 Just start searching for your purpose in life and once you find it, start achieving that purpose. Everything else will fall into place.

What if you find yourself in a lonely place when you are within your own thoughts?

All you have to do is make friends with the one person who is easiest to befriend: Yourself. You will never be lonely if you like yourself, just as you are. Once you have learned to befriend one person, yourself, you can use that experience to befriend another and then another and so on.

What if you are in a lonely place when you are with a crowd of your friends?

Learn the technique of speaking up during the gaps in the conversation. Also learn the technique of saying something you know will start a chain of conversation that is likely to last for several minutes.

Once you have provided the initial conversation starter you can sit back and enjoy the conversation amongst your friends, participating if you wish, while thinking of the next conversation starter. Before you know it you will have enjoyed a period of good conversation with your friends and the feeling of loneliness, the feeling of not being part of the group will fade away.

As you can see, we are all in a lonely place and it is up to us to manage our minds and make friends.

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