I am sad lonley thats all
by angelina

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

I am sad lonley thats all, like many people are. Just need some one to talk to sometimes.

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I am sad lonley thats all

Sad and Lonely
by: Lonely People Champion

Thank you for your post. It is an important first step. Now you can move on to deciding which steps you are going to take to resolve your loneliness.

Loneliness can be of several different kinds. Some feel loneliness like a gentle, nagging ache and some of us feel it like an intense pain.

Most forms of loneliness can be resolved through action on part of the lonely person, as long as they don't insist on acting like a lonely island.

You have already taken the first step. If you look on the left side of this web page you will see buttons that suggest several different actions you can take to resolve your loneliness.

Pick and choose the buttons you want to click. Then read carefully through the information provided, particularly the information regarding personal safety and choose the actions that are most likely to work safely for you.

You could also decide to resolve your loneliness your own way, a way, completely different from the methods suggested on this website. When you find a successful way to overcome your loneliness, please come back and post here, so other lonely people can benefit by using your method to overcome their loneliness. So, by helping yourself innovatively, you could end up helping other lonely people as well.

You will find poems at PoemHunter.com that were written by me. Just go to PoemHunter.com and search for Lonely People Champion and you will find my poems.

Your post prompted me to write a poem and it is included below:

Don't want to bother nobody
But the feeling of sad and lonely
Is not reducing any
Just want somebody
To talk to
Soon as I can.

Don't want to admit it
But not admiting it
Brings on the feeling of sad and lonely
Doesn't it do that for many?
Just hoping for somebody
I can talk to
Any time soon.

Don't know how I got it
But I am willing to admit it
Just to get rid of this feeling of sad and lonely
Does that do it for many?
Just like to have somebody
To speak with
Real soon

Sometimes a searing pain
Just feeling bitter and lonely
Don't know like how many
Just want somebody
To talk to

Just an unbearable pain
For my past sins I am sorry
Like me are there many?
Just like to have some company
To talk to
Any time now!

Lonely People Champion

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