How To Get Help For Loneliness? The Answer Is Of Crucial Importance For A Lonely Person.

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

How to get help is the next question you face. You have successfully climbed the mountain of indecision. You have decided to ask for help to overcome your loneliness. The question is how to get help.

First, find someone to call. Here's how:

The first way is very simple: Use Skype and call 1-800-448-3000. 

The reason I suggest Skype is that no matter where you are on this planet, if you have a good internet connection and can use Skype, you can dial an 800 number and reach the people that will chat with you on the phone and be helpful.

To use Skype, just go to, follow the written instructions on that website, download the Skype software and make your calls. Skype calls are free to 1-800 numbers.

The second way... to call . Befrienders and Samaritans have joined forces.


In the interest of fairness, to you and to them, I have to tell you that Samaritans used to be an organisation to combat loneliness in large cities, then they were needed heavily in suicide prevention. So, and are now a suicide prevention organization.

Do try to keep your calls to them under ten to fifteen minutes unless you are lonely to the point of being suicidal. You will speak to some of the finest people when you call this organization. If you get accidentally disconnected, don't take it personally - technology malfunctions can cause some terrible misunderstandings.

This is how to get help... their website, . On the top right hand corner of their page are the words: Find a helpline by Country. Click on the down arrow beside 'Select Your Country'. Then select your country and click on the word Go. 

If you get the message that there are zero help lines in your country, don't give up. Check and see if there are help lines in countries near you. You will do best if you locate Befrienders phone numbers in countries near you. If not, just dial 1-800-893-9900, 1-877-727-4747, 1-800 252 8336 or 1-212-673-3000.

The third way is quite unique...

Go to People On Skype Who Want To Be Called. That page lists those people that want to be called via Skype. When I checked recently there were 306 people on Skype that wanted to be called. With a list of that many people that want someone to call them, you can easily find someone to call and have good conversations with the person. If you like you can contact Skype or and find out how you can get on that list so people can call you as well!

Next, find someone to email. Here's how:

How can you find someone to email? It is quite easy really. Go to and type in the search term "best pen pal sites". Look through the results that come up and determine for yourself which penpal site is going to be the best for you.

After you have explored the top five penpal sites, register with just one of them and get started on finding penpals you can be befriend via email. The top five penpal sites I found were:,,,,  and

There is another way you can find people who would be happy to receive emails from you. The law of numbers applies - you will need to collect at least fifty email addresses in order to have ten people who will be happy to correspond with you.

Here is how you do it:

Go to the Chat Roulette page and read all about how to properly use .

Go to and chat with people. Some of the people you have nice chats with will offer you their email address or you could request their email address. Some may refuse to give you their email address but many will provide it to you.

Keep collecting email addresses and corresponding with them via email until you have ten people you can exchange email addresses with.  Please, don't ever misuse an email address. Use email addresses only to provide and receive genuine friendship.

All cautions about being safe on the internet apply. Refuse to send money to any of your email correspondents who ask for money.

Now you know how to get help...

...three ways to find someone to call and two ways to find people to have email friendships with.

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