Help For Lonely People - Do They Have To Provide It Themselves?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Help for lonely people is not easily available. One solution is for lonely people to be the source of their own help. Here are a few poems to illustrate the plight of lonely people.

Help For Lonely People

There is hardly any

Help for lonely people needy.

People are afraid to help them,

For fear of catching, ahem,

The social disease

Themselves and be without buddies.


People are not very different from birds,

That try to hide their weaknesses within their gizzards

Until the moment of death,

Because they expect no help in distress

From other creatures of the flesh.

(c) Lonely People Champion

Helping Lonely People


Odd thing about

Helping lonely people

Only one in a million does it.

Feeling sorry for lonely people,

Many of the millions do it.

The reason traces to the same

Fear in people,

The fear of not surviving.

(c) Lonely People Champion

Hobbies for lonely people

Hobbies don't help people


Lonely people don't care about collectibles and such.

They want to meet people.

Hobbies don't help people

As such.

If only lonely people got interested in poetry writing and such,

They would end up meeting nice people.

Hobbies could help lonely people

A bunch.

If lonely people got interested in something much

That would put them in contact with lots of people.

(c) Lonely People Champion

How To Deal With Internal Loneliness?

People wonder
How to deal with
Internal loneliness.
There is almost nothing to deal with.
Every human
Has only one heart.
And it is a given
That one heart
All by itself in the chest
Is going to feel lonely!
That is just another way
Of saying,
We humans are
By nature
And it takes action and effort
On our part
To deal with
Our internal loneliness.

(c) Lonely People Champion

Ideas For Lonely People

It seems that

Ideas For Lonely People

Are rarely pondered upon

By the un-lonely.

Ideas for lonely people

Are generated a lot

By lonely people

And left un-enacted.

For that is the scourge

Of lonely people,


(c) Lonely People Champion

Internal Loneliness

Having Internal Loneliness
Feels like being in a bumper car
Most of your life.

As soon as you come close
To another person
You feel a jarring jolt
You come to a rude halt

Only to change direction
Start up again
To run into the next person.

No matter
How much you want
All you get is

(c) Lonely People Champion

Involuntary Solitude

How is

Involuntary solitude, the abyss,

Different in temperament

From solitary confinement?

Involuntary solitude

Bothersome with certitude.

Solitary confinement

Painful with infinitude.

Involuntary solitude

Taken advantage of, by some.

Solitary confinement

Feared by all and one.

(c) Lonely People Champion

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