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It is not hard to get help. People who are in car wrecks do not experience any difficulty asking for help. In fact, they expect to to be helped. The situation is quite different when they are lonely and they have to decide that they are in a situation where they ought to be getting help but no one is automatically coming to help them.

The decision to get help is an intensely personal one. It is hard to ASK for help. Most people have to climb a virtual mountain before they decide to seek help.


Most people have to climb a virtual mountain before they decide to seek help. Many people never make it over the mountain to professional help. The virtual mountain is a mountain of reluctance and procrastination – some people find it an uphill struggle to admit to themselves that they would benefit from professional help.

The reluctance comes from...

...the social stigma they have seen attached to the people who have sought professional help in the past.

Procrastination is a part of the mountain because some loners realize that they would benefit from professional help but keep putting it off and therefore are never able to get over the mountain and take the action to sign up for professional counseling.

Some are truly too busy surviving to set aside time to allow themselves the luxury of seeking and getting the help of a professional counselor.

Asking for help is a sensitive issue for...

...lonely people - either they are reluctant to ask for help or they ask for help too often. There are some that are reluctant to ask for help because they consider it a slight to their self esteem. There are others that ask for help too often because it reinforces their opinion that they are not equal to others, that they are missing something others have, and have to constantly ask for help. Lonely people of all kinds can benefit from professional counseling!

Lack of money or...

...the reluctance to spend it contributes heavily to the reluctance of many people. Yet, people go ahead and spend money on compensatory activities like alcohol, food or excessive shopping.

If you are one of those people, examine what you are doing and make the decision to spend money to get help. The return on money spent on counseling is much better than the return on money spent on alcohol, food, excessive shopping or similar compensatory activities.

Many lonely people feel that no therapist could possibly understand the unique reason for their loneliness, hidden deep within their thought processes and no therapist could possibly show a person how to deal with the cause of the terrible loneliness.

There is no shortage of reasons for avoiding the first steps toward getting help. The reasons could be valid or invalid and they arise mostly due to the emotions of the person. Do realize though, that your emotions could have been affected by your loneliness.

In the end, what it boils down to is this: Do you have enough self-esteem to get help when you need it? You are the only one who can decide if you need help or not. If you decide you need help, avoid being stone hearted toward yourself and find out Where  & How To Get Help.

Lou Wall
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Consult a psychotherapist.

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