Can Free Chat Rooms On The Internet Help You Overcome Loneliness?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Free chat rooms are websites where you can chat with several people in a virtual room. The people all use pseudonyms and so do you. You are not restricted to chatting with people in just one virtual room. Once you are a member of such a website, or in some cases, have simply selected a pseudonym, you can select the virtual room you want to join or chat with people in different rooms in turn.

Chatting with others... chat rooms can be quite relaxing and beneficial for a lonely person. However, the activity carries some risks. I have clarified how to understand the risks and still chat, on this page. Also, to learn how to chat safely online, always search for and read the “How to be safe on the internet “ page that almost all chat sites provide.

When you are seeking an intimate partner, chat rooms are...

...riskier when they are free. When you are searching for a mate it would be useful to get some information from the SingleChatRooms page.


The free ones are useful when you use them for relieving loneliness, your activities are going to be strictly online and do not involve sending money, private information or financial information to any one.

There is one website that I have identified as reasonably safe and has free dating chat rooms. That website is It is reasonably safe because it is a very big site, having more than twelve million members. Your safety while chatting on chat sites is ultimately your responsibility. I tell you more about Zoosk at the Immediate Help page.

If you want to find such...

...virtual rooms on your own, search for this term on Google: “The top ten best free chat services of 2014” Correct the 2014 to the current year. When you do that, you are, as always, on your own and exposed to whatever risks that are present in some of the free chat rooms.

In the past... video chat rooms used to attract a lot of perverts. Now there is Chatbazaar is safer for video chat (which is for premium members only) because all the cameras are monitored. Any nudity of any kind results in that chatter being permanently banned from Chatbazaar. It provides free mobile online chat and it is also a free online dating site. People younger than 18 years of age are not allowed on this site. There are chat rooms for ages 18 to 25, 26 to 35, 36 to 45, and for ages 46 and higher.

It turns out that...

...some chat rooms, even though free, can help you overcome your loneliness and perhaps even help you find intimacy. You just have to have your wits about you and avoid the inherent dangers.

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