Have you experienced fleeting loneliness?

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Fleeting loneliness comes and goes so quickly that most people are not sure they have ever experienced it. It is easy enough to overcome - just call a friend! Wow! I wish I had problems so simple to solve.

It is experienced by young people if they...

...go too long between texts. Quite often youngsters will call it being bored when they experience feeling a little lonely. It is experienced by people who don't have a problem making friends - they are just experiencing the natural loneliness of human beings when they are experiencing separation from their friends. It quite often comes up as a question, "What to do on a boring, lonely day?"

Travelers quite often experience it while they...

...are away from friends and family. While traveling, if you are stuck with a companion who doesn't have a clue about where you are mentally, you may feel a sense of fleeting-loneliness. That happens even when you know full well that as you proceed with your journey you are going to enjoy new experiences and the loneliness will go away.

This kind of loneliness is also experienced by people who would like to make friends while traveling but are not good at making friends out of strangers.

People who move to a new city...

...experience it when they realize they don't have friends in their new city of abode. To deal with their feelings of loneliness they call friends "back home."

Some people have such feelings of loneliness when they have to take care of chores or activities that are special to them while their friends go off and have fun.

There are those people who...

...experience fleeting loneliness as an internal alarm because being away from other human beings used to be a dangerous situation in the distant past of humanity. Such people respond to that feeling of alarm by doing whatever it takes to get themselves into the company of other human beings.


So, while such people experience only feelings of fleeting-loneliness, they never get to experience any other kind of loneliness and are incapable of spending time alone, enjoying solitude or having time to ponder any subject in depth. Some take actions they know are going to lead them to promiscuous sex just so they can relieve their feelings of fleeting-loneliness.

Fleeting loneliness, while fleeting and easy to solve, has the potential to cause you a lot of problems for several years if you fail to recognize and resolve it.

Bonus Solution:

Take a look at what is happening. Don't rush off and call a friend. Understand your loneliness and take it as an opportunity to be quiet and think.

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