Find an old friend to overcome loneliness?

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Find an old friend and it can help you overcome your loneliness. It is one of the several ways of overcoming loneliness. You could learn the art of making new friends or search and find old friends.

Searching for and finding an old friend is a good way to overcome loneliness. These techniques can also be used find a lost friend.

First, gather up...

...the information you have about your friend. First name, last name (maiden name if your friend is a woman), last known address, email address, home town, name of high school, name of university, name of employer, name of military unit, specific years of military service, favorite hobbies and activities can all help in locating an old friend.

You may have to type in all the details at some sites and you may not have to do so at other sites. At some sites providing only the first and last name causes the site to search a wider area like all of the USA.

Using the telephone to search for old friends can be...

...expensive, time consuming, frustrating and depressing. An easier and less depressing way to find an old friend is to use the internet. Since there are so many sites that could help you find your friend I have not provided the links to each website. Instead, I have provided the web address by using the word dot instead of the period in the web address.

Just copy what I have provided into the address bar of your browser, replace the letters dot with the . (a period) and press the enter key. That will get you to the website you can use to find an old friend or a lost friend.

Given below are the basics of how to find old friends using the internet:


Enter your friend's full name in quotes in the search bar of Google or your favorite search engine and click on Search. If your friend has a web presence, s/he will show up in the results.

High School Alumni websites:

Not all schools have alumni websites but many do. So check and see if your high school has an alumni website. If not, go to alumniclassdotcom. That website maintains alumni lists for thousands of schools in USA.


Many websites that specialize in searching for people have databases consisting of millions of names. However, Facebook has a database of more than a billion people.

Just type your friend's full name in the Facebook search bar and press Enter. You stand a good chance of finding your friend in Facebook if your friend has a Facebook account.

University Alumni websites:

You can search for your friend in the databases of Alumnidotnet. Once you register at this website, you can look through year  books to see if you can find your friend just by recognizing his or her face. The other two such sites are classmatesdotcom (40 million members) and batchmatesdotcom (2 million members).

Batchmatesdotcom has a worldwide membership and is particularly useful if you are searching for friends who are either from India or USA.

Searching for just friends in general:

If you are searching for a friend who is from the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, etc., a good site to use is FriendsReuniteddotcom . This website will help you find friends from school, university, military, other employers, clubs or even residential addresses. If you find your friend and s/he is online, you can even chat with your friend. You can share comments, photos and videos.

Leaving a Note:

One way of finding old friends is to let them find you. You do that by leaving a note at particular websites. If your friends come looking later they will see the note you left and find you that way. You can leave notes at who-medotcom and lostfriendsdotcom. When you go to lostfriendsdotcom you can read notes that people have already left. Perhaps one of your friends left a note.

You can also leave Notes At Facebook For Friends You Used To Know.

Websites that specialize in finding people:

Websites that keep databases of the names and other information of people tend to want you to spend money before they will give you the information.


They may offer you a tiny bit of information but beyond that you cannot get any useful information until you spend some money with them.

Some of such sites are decent enough to offer a free trial for 24 hours or even a week but even then the constant requests for money are very irksome. One website that does hardly any of that is 411dotcom. If that website finds your old friend, it will at least provide you the address of the friend. Then it will be up to you to send your friend a letter by regular mail.

If all your efforts to find an old friend fail:

A very good resource for finding old friends is Yahoo Answers Resources For Finding Old Friends.

That resource provides you links to websites that will help you search for people via birth, death and marriage records, public records, court, criminal and property records, military records, prison records, federal prison records, obituaries. It also provides links to a couple of detective service websites. If all your efforts fail, it may be worth your while to pay detective service websites of your choice to help you find an old friend.

In conclusion:

I have provided you a lot of resources to help you find an old friend. Performing such searches on the internet can get frustrating. I have looked through a lot of resources so I could provide you with websites that are not so frustrating to use.

Take your time and use these resources one at a time so you can conduct a slow and well paced search for an old friend. Best of luck.

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