If You Found A Friend, Would It Help You Resolve Your Loneliness?

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To find a friend may seem to the obvious solution to the problem of loneliness. As most lonely people know, there is more to loneliness than a lack of friends or being single. However, finding friends blunts the edge of loneliness and allows a person breathing room to deal with the other problems associated with loneliness such as internal loneliness. It is very much worth the effort to learn how to find friends.

This web page is devoted to showing you how to...

...do exactly that - find some friends. Finding friendship, whether you are single or married, is a very simple process as long as you realize the problem can be solved by finding friends Online. In this modern world your friends start out as online friends.

There are three very important cautions on how to find people to be your friends:

1. When you are working on finding friends, keep your romantic inclinations out of the way. If you bring up romance when your stated goal is to find friends, you could easily ruin the friendship. Just make it very clear from the beginning that you only want to give and receive friendship.

2. It is O.K. to keep your last name and address and other private information private. Beyond that, honesty about your feelings, thoughts, etc. is an important necessity.

3. You will need to provide your email address to people so they can befriend you. If you want to keep your friendly email exchanges separate from your regular emails, it will be up to you to get a disposable email addresses and use those when you go to the site that is going to help you find friends online. Please be sure to pick a reliable website that provides your disposable email addresses - if that website shuts down, you could lose contact with your newly made friends.

Now to answer the question...

...where can I find a friend online? With all that preparation, here is the website: friendship,com.au

Go to that website and then click on Find-A-Friend in the column on the left hand side of the web page. Click on Help and FAQ. Read all the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and in particular, read the Online Safety Tips. You can click on Friendship.com.au. Finally go back to the column on the left hand side and click on Search Find A Friend. You will be on your way to finding a friend.

Where else can you go to find a friend?

Do you have opportunities for making friends at EnglishBaby.com? You better believe it! All you have to do is think up a User Name, provide your email address and you are on your way to having some fun!

Do spend time on creating a user name that will make you sound like an attractive person to meet. I see many user names that are poorly chosen. The user name may mean something to the user but doesn't say anything nice about the user. So think up a great user name, provide an email address and find yourself a friend!

Did you say your English is perfect and you don't need to learn English? You could join the site and participate in the forums. You will have plenty of opportunities to give assistance and you know what that means - the more you give, the more you receive!

If you are over fifty years of age, the Senior Friendship page will show you three ways of making friends with seniors.


...a suggestion for the chronically or permanently lonely who search, looking for a relationship - first form friendships at these sites and don't type a word about relationships. Those usually follow for a person that makes a lot of friends. The above two sites are free to join.


However, there is a site for which you have to pay but it is worth paying for. The reason is that you can contact people in many cities around the world and actually spend an afternoon or evening in the friendship of a person. The name of that website is RentAFriend.com.

Not only can you pay for an evening of companionship but you can also apply to be paid for your companionship. Now, isn't that neat? If you get accepted, you will enjoy the company of another person and get paid for it as well!

Bonus solution:

Use the resources of the internet to find yourself friends.

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