You Fighting Loneliness, Do You Achieve Anything?

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Fighting loneliness is a waste of time for most people. Only people who perform well in a fight are likely to get rid of their loneliness by fighting it. If you are able to cope with loneliness, deal with loneliness and overcome loneliness, all as part of fighting loneliness in a short period of time, then go for it. Fighting is only for the accomplished fighter.

If you decide to 'fight' loneliness,... are not likely to have the doubts a lonely person usually has, at least not while you are in the short period of the fight.

If you 'fight' loneliness and loneliness wins, you may become disheartened and not take the necessary steps to overcome your problems and end up facing disastrous consequences.

If you 'fight loneliness' and you win then write an ebook about your experience and also create a website about it.

On the other hand, 'fighting' loneliness...

...also gives you the excuse that all is fair in love or fight. You may adopt unsavory methods to get rid of your loneliness. In the end unsavory methods to get rid of loneliness do not succeed while making many people unhappy. You will be the first of those unhappy people and have an extra burden - loneliness.


Some people find it a bit much to cope with, deal with and overcome loneliness in a short burst of intense activity. If you want to do all that but at your own pace, then you will need to adopt a stance of relaxed intensity.

You will need to cope with loneliness to overcome it's effects on you. You will also have to make a deal with your loneliness to decide whether you are going to achieve intimacy, friendship and community or only some of those three aspects to overcome your loneliness. In addition to that you will need to take steps to overcome your loneliness.

Fighting Lonesomeness

If you take the risk

Of fighting loneliness

You are taking the risk

Of losing to loneliness.

Once you have lost to loneliness

How are you going to ask it's lowness

To leave

Even though

Loneliness is peeved

With you?

The thing to do

With loneliness is to start anew

And ease

If you please

The loneliness

Out of your life

With much finesse!

How To Fight Loneliness

If you want to know

How to fight loneliness

All I can say now

Is, Fight if you can win

And don't have to give in

Once you start the fight

You have to take it

To the finish

Without getting vanquished.

If you can't do that

Don't get into the spat

But chose your own way

To send away

Your loneliness.

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