Family Guy - Are You Lonely? What Can You do?

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A family guy – does he ever complain? Never, it appears. At least, he is not supposed to, according to a script shared by many, many people. And therein lies the problem. When a lot of people subscribe to such an unrealistic model, it imprisons a lot of guys who have families. Do a percentage of the millions of family men feel lonely? I believe they do.

So, what happens when...

...they feel lonely, unappreciated and don't complain? Does it all come out in explosive episodes? Do they just quietly end the marriage? What is the consequence of all this silent suffering? Can a family guy do something about his loneliness?

It turns out that...

...yes, a family man can do something about it. If you, as a family guy, don't value yourself enough to make arrangements for a satisfactory life for you, is there some one else that values you enough to arrange for a life that you find satisfactory?

If not, it is up to you to speak up and up to you to act. How do you do that? The answer is, “How do you take care of your family?” If you do it well, you know something about taking care of a human being's needs. Use the same techniques to take care of you!

Also, learn... talk about your feelings. Why do men not like to talk about their feelings? It is all about the fear which says, “Don't expose your weakness because that is where the enemy is going to strike.” What enemy? We are not warring tribes any more.

Please come into the twenty first century! It is time for coopetition. And you cannot coopete without letting people becoming aware of your weakness.

And we are talking about expressing feelings in intimate relationships. The chances of your having “an enemy” in your intimate relationship is extremely remote unless you have plans of being mean and unreal to your intimate partner. If you have plans of being mean and unreal to your intimate partner, give up those ridiculous plans and become a real family man! Start expressing your feelings and send your loneliness away for good!

Does your family...

...feel more important to you than yourself? Remember what happens if your airplane suddenly loses altitude? Right, you put the oxygen mask on yourself first and then be able to help your family. Were you thinking you could take care of members of your family until they were steady and then crash or bail? Doesn't sound very reasonable when you see it in print, does it?

In conclusion:

So it is obvious that expressing your feelings and keeping yourself happy and un-lonely is very important for you and your family as well.

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