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Hi, I am eva. I come to Canada to study. I do not have many friends. I had one before but she graduated and left. I didn't go to people a lot. They came to me when I was in a country with big population density. Now no one came to me I feel lonely. I hope it is not late for me to realize this. LOL

Comments by Lonely People Champion:

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What you are describing is a very common occurrence. When people leave their home area and go to a different city to study or to work, they quite often leave behind their cultural environment in which they were easily able to acquire friends. People also approached them with great ease and all of that is not available in the new city or country.

What is required from a person in your situation is an assessment of your new situation and keen observation to find new ways to make friends. All of that needs to be followed by social action on your part so you can end up with new friends.

Universities and other educational institutions are very familiar with this problem because they see many students endure it every year. Some institutions even publish guides to help publicize ways of overcoming loneliness.

When they observe their new surroundings and come up with ways to make new friends, most students resolve the problem within the first few weeks or months and move on to creating a new social life. If that does not happen it may be worthwhile to get the help of a professional counselor.

It seems that you have already realized that it is time for social action on your behalf. Obviously you cannot wait for others to approach you.

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