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American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Email Someone! I don't mean email just anyone! That would be spam. There is a method to the madness. Why would emailing someone help you deal with your loneliness? It would not, unless you find the right someone to email. The world is changing and methods of contacting people have changed. Friendships can now be carried on via email no matter how much people complain about the disadvantages of email.

So, how much can you email someone... help relieve your loneliness? Oh so much! Surf the internet a lot and always be on the lookout for a website that is willing to send you free email courses about matters that interest you. Those email courses sometimes have limited value but you can always unsubscribe if you don't like the course or if you feel you are being harangued for sales. Those courses could start you off on a wonderful life journey where you will not be lonely any more. It is a trial and error process - keep trying email courses until you find one you like.

Even as a lonely family man... can use your email to join a site called After you join the site, play their trivia game called blufr and contribute your own bluff. Then email someone you know inviting them to join you on blufr. The fun starts when you can get a friend, acquaintance or relative to join the site and you have a good time "bluffing" each other.

You can also check to see how you compare with the top bluffers. You can use what you learn to be funny in conversations but resist the temptation to spout trivia. Trivia spouters are not necessarily well liked.


With your email address you can join This a site with millions of members and that is to your advantage. Once you join the site you can search for people you went to school, college or university with, worked with or were in the armed forces with.

You will literally be searching for friends through people-lists for people you used to know.

While you are learning about how to use email... your advantage you might as well have fun. Join by using your email address. Enter all the information you have about your family tree (that is, if you want to). Then email your family members and ask them if they want to contribute any family tree information to add to your own genealogy on this website. Some of your family members may turn out to be very interested in the project. In any case, it will be a lot of fun when you email someone back and forth and you may be surprised about how it can help deal with your loneliness.

Are you lonesome and feel that no one cares about you?

The thing to do in that situation is to care about a human being. Remember, the Universe reflects back to you what you do to it. Use your email to join . They just need a few more thousand caring human beings to achieve their next goal of 20000 carers. Once you join that site your part is very simple to accomplish.

Along the same lines is another extra-ordinary project. Again you are going to need your email to join . They will show you how to start your own campaign and your own microsite. You will go from loneliness to fund raising! If people don't want to be your friends, let them pay! ( Just kidding! ;)

If you are an introvert and simply want to have someone play chess with you, you are in luck. Use your email to join and you may get an email every day! You can at least try the sample issues of the email newsletter and the free trial.

After you form an email friendship...

...and have maintained it for a while, it naturally gets to be a closer friendship. When the friendships get closer, there is a certain amount of trust between the friends that gets built up. After that you will always have someone to email and things usually flow smoothly. Have a great time.

Bonus solution:

If you are not comfortable using the internet, type in in the address bar of your browser. When the site comes up, type in your questions in the search bar in plain English and hit the enter key. Then click on the website links that come up in the search results. That is a very good way to gather information about the internet and get comfortable using it so you can email someone.

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