Domestic Violence Against Women - A Problem In Today's Society.

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Domestic violence against women causes a deep and pernicious loneliness. And it is far more common than domestic violence against men. More than eighty five percent of the victims of domestic violence are women. Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, emotional, of other types and it is all about controlling you.

When you are subjected to domestic violence,...

... the only companions you have are yourself, God and fear. The situation gets far more complex when children are involved. One of the best things to do is to get out of the relationship soon after the third episode of violence.

One major problem ...

... inertia (not acting to get out of the relationship or not acting to
contact someone to get help) is your enemy.

Another problem is when you think you deserve the abuse. Such thoughts can keep a woman in an abusive relationship until it is too late.

What is noticeable about domestic violence against women is...

... that it is a worldwide phenomenon. Without getting into a philosophical discussion about it, I am going to discuss how to escape it.

Leaving a domestic violence situation is dangerous but do-able. Some of the best information I found about leaving is found in an article. However, go to the article from a safe computer of a friend or relative whom you can trust to keep your confidence.

If you are not in contact with any such person, use the computers at work, YWCA or the public library and pull up this web page. The link to the article is Domestic Violence Against Women.

Domestic violence is usually not reported to...

... police. In USA, many states have laws that require a mandatory arrest on calls to police about domestic violence - one person involved in the domestic violence has to be arrested.

That may be a good thing after the third incident of domestic violence and a bad thing before the third incident. The earlier you talk to a trusted confidant about your domestic violence, the better.

Nearly a billion women worldwide were subjected to domestic violence. There are only about three and a half billion women on earth. This means almost one in three women were subjected to domestic violence.

One abhorrent form of domestic violence is...

... that which is suffered by women during pregnancy. The relationship between domestic violence and pregnancy is very complex. It can happen before, during or after the pregnancy. The damage done by this kind of domestic violence is horrific. Getting out from this deep seated form of domestic violence is also very difficult and sometimes impossible.

Men who understand that domestic violence...

... should be stopped can go to Men Stopping Violence Against Women.

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