Domestic Violence Against Men - Is It A Problem In Today's Society?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Domestic violence against men is more common than most people realize. If you let go of the stereotypes, it is easy to understand that there are many instances of domestic violence against men.

The stereotypes do get in the way when men report domestic violence against them. Sometimes men get arrested when they report domestic violence.

Accepting a plea bargain may be the worst thing for men to do. Insisting on a jury trial is probably the best thing for an innocent abused man.

Even after the arrest, men sometimes have difficulties because of the systems arrayed against them.

The situation is complicated...

...not only by the generally held erroneous view that domestic abuse of men is rare but also the view of men themselves that it happens only to men who are unmanly.

The way society views domestic violence by women against men is very different from the way it views domestic violence by men against women.

So the men are at a far higher risk of criminal prosecution for domestic violence than women. Men also have a difficult time getting the police and others to believe them.

Domestic violence is about...

...control and power and gender doesn't have too much to do with it. Men can be subjected to domestic violence whether they are in heterosexual or homosexual relationships. Men are also likely to avoid reporting the domestic violence and sink into depression and loneliness.

To read a good article from the Mayo clinic about the matter go to Domestic Violence Against Men.

Domestic violence against men can be...

...physical or a myriad of non-physical forms. The reasons for men staying with an abusive partner are myriad. Staying in an abusive relationship is a sure way of being lonely.

When a man is faced with violence...

...from an intimate partner the situation is dangerous from a physical standpoint, much more dangerous from a legal standpoint and devastating from the emotional and social standpoint.

One way for a man to ensure his safety is to leave the relationship when the early signs of abuse show up. Leaving after the third episode maybe the smartest thing to do.

To get out, first comes the decision to get out. Next comes the study of the steps to get out.

Help with figuring out the steps is available at:

1-888-743-5754 for USA and Canada

01823 334244 for the U.K.

1800-737-732 for Australia

After contacting a help line, ...

...the next step is actually taking the steps to leave the relationship.

There is a lot of risk in the last two steps - contacting the help lines and taking the steps to get out of the relationship. It requires a lot of alertness and attention to personal safety.

However, the steps to freedom and a normal social life are usually worth it.

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