Divorce Support Groups - Are They Any Use For Anyone?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Divorce support groups are highly recommended for separated and divorced individuals so they can avoid loneliness. There are groups, forums and resources. Some are online/offline and others are strictly online.

Online/Offline Groups

Divorcecare.org and meetup.com are online resources that encourage you to go to off line meetings with others in similar circumstances. Some of the meetup meetings are open for divorced or separated individuals. Some meetups have an arrangement where attendees can dance. Most women love that and most men are uncomfortable with dancing because they believe they cannot dance well.


Psychology Today magazine also arranges for groups that meet in locations throughout the country. Just add the name of your location and the words 'psychology today' to your search term when you search for such support groups in your favorite search engine and the groups should show up in the search results.

There are support groups for divorced men, divorced women. Sometimes men need to go support groups that are for men only. Similarly, women benefit from going to support groups that are for women only. These meetings are also offline.

Such support groups are very important for newly divorced people because they help them make new friends and avoid the terrible pit that is loneliness and depression during separation and after divorce. Such groups also help divorced people stay connected to society and that connection is very important.

One thing I noticed about such support groups is that they are in only a few locations around USA. So, if you are in a remote location, you may have a difficult time finding a divorce support group. If you look around locally you may find useful support groups for divorce in churches, synagogues and other religious institutions.

Online Groups

The support group from dailystrength.org is completely online. That group could be useful to you of you are in a location where there is no nearby divorce support group or you are not able to make it to offline support group meetings.

You might also find a directory of support groups for divorce useful. You can find such a directory at divorcehq.com.

Online Forums

Online forums are useful for exploring your feelings about your situation. If you feel the need for a divorce support forum you can go to ojar.com.


There are many different kinds of support groups, such as online, christian, jewish, divorce support groups and so on.

Those women who want to avoid toxic men may find womansaver.com useful. Unfortunately, I was unable to find a similar site for men to enable men to save themselves from toxic women.

If none of the above support groups or forums are useful to you, you can search the internet for such support groups. Just 'your special interest' to the search term and find the support group that will be useful to you.

Similarly you can search for and find useful information about divorce care for children and cooperative parenting.

Support groups for divorce seem to be essential for separated or divorced people. Now you know how to avoid loneliness by finding online/offline groups, online groups, resources and forums.

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