Depression Support Groups - Are They Any Use For Anyone?

American National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Depression support groups are very useful for those who suffer from depression. There is something about receiving the support of other human beings in similar circumstances that is very helpful.

Online/Offline Groups

The way some groups work is that you get the information online about groups that meet offline.

One of the best such groups is Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. You can go to the Depression and Bipolar Support Group Locator and type in your zip code and find a support group that meets in your area.

Psychology Today magazine makes it very easy to find depression support groups in your local area. When you go to Psychology Today Groups Search Locator there is a search box where you can type in your zip code and click on the search icon. That will bring up a list of all therapy groups in your zip code.

Then, when you click on the word Depression in the left hand column, it brings up a list of support groups for depression. Sometimes that list is not very long. To widen the list you will have to click the button for widening the search to the county. That will bring up the list of all therapy groups for depression for your county. Clicking the button to widen the search by one mile at a time does not work well at all.


Once you are in the county list you can click on the Price, A-Z or Gender button to sort the list by price, in an alphanumeric sequence or by gender of participants. The phone number of the groups is provided along with the name, so you can always call to get more information.

The easiest way to find a support group for depression is to go to Depression Meetup Groups  and type the name of your country in first search box and the name of your city or postal code or zip code in the second box and click the Search button. Please do realize that are only 302 such groups in 196 cities in ten countries. The largest and newest groups are listed on the page.

Online Groups

The Depression and Bipolar Support Group Locator page shown above also has a link for groups that are online only. For the online groups you donate any amount that suits you, into the virtual basket.

Another resource for depression support groups  that are online is PsychCentral Depression Support Groups. This list of sixty groups is more comprehensive than the list provided by Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance. Most of the groups in this list work as forums.

Support Groups for Women suffering from Depression:

There is one resource that is specifically for women suffering from postpartum depression. It can be found at Postpartum Support Groups. That web page provides a link for an online support group and a list of support groups in USA and Canada. The whole list is on that page and phone numbers or email addresses are provided.

Other Resources:

If the information on this page does not help you to find a support group that is useful for you, search repeatedly by typing in your search query in plain and complete English sentences in or to find the particular support group that will be useful to you.

Support groups for depression are a huge help and now you know how to reach or search and find the ones that are useful.

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