Dealing With Social Anxiety - Is It Going To Do You Any Good?

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Dealing with social anxiety will not do you any good. You need to overcome it. Put it out of your life so you can live your life to the fullest. Dealing with it implies that it is not going anywhere and you are just going to learn to live with it. It is quite possible to kick it out. Click here to find out how to overcome social anxiety.

If you promise to overcome social anxiety, here are a few techniques to deal with it until you overcome it.

Dealing with social anxiety technique number 1:

When the anxious thoughts start, use this mantra silently, “Cancel, cancel, Delete, delete, Erase, erase” and push the anxious thoughts out of your mind. Use it every time a negative and anxiety causing thought comes up in your mind. As you can see this is a coping mechanism to deal with social anxiety.

Technique number 2:

Another thing you can do to calm yourself down, when your anxious thoughts start, is to unobtrusively join the tips of your thumb, fore finger and middle finger on each hand. Try it now. You will notice a calm descending on you as soon as those finger tips meet. Touch and separate those fingertips and you can actually feel the effect in your brain.

Technique Number 3:

Still another technique is to breathe deliberately. The way you can breathe deliberately is to pull your breath as deeply as you can. Hold your breath for a second and then slowly, gently, let it out. Repeat.

When you breathe in, most people cannot tell how deeply you are breathing unless you breathe in loudly. It is quite possible to breathe deliberately and unobtrusively. You will feel calmer as you get more air into your lungs. Again, this is just a coping technique.

Technique Number 4:

When I was learning to stop smoking, I found myself seriously distracted by billboard ads for cigarettes.


I spoke about it to the American Cancer Society facilitator. He suggested that I look at the message on the billboard and change the message in my mind to a message that urged me to not smoke.

It became an interesting game for me. The message which was triggering my smoking urge became something which triggered my resolve to not smoke. The billboard message came at me in a micro second. I would change the words before the message settled in my mind. The memory of the message was the changed message. The idea worked and I was able to give up smoking.

You can do something similar. Let each negative and anxiety causing thought trigger a positive and confidence-giving thought that triggers a resolve to overcome your social anxiety. If you do it for 29 days, it will become a habit and a very interesting game until you take the steps to overcome your social anxiety.

Dealing with social anxiety is...

...just a coping technique. It ought to be done only until you learn to overcome social anxiety.

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